'The call of home' Musical Theatre Production was a wonderful celebration of some of Geelong's history a story in music and song! Three GREAT ACTS performed on the night giving audiences a feast and variety of meaningful and light hearted material! FRID 12th Aug 7pm! At the Courthouse Theatre Gherringhap st Geelong! Cost $20 included supper.

Musical Productions

Passionate about this great country we live in, Jill is very excited to be performing in & directing ‘Shannon…come home’ which tells the story (in music & poetry form) of an Aussie Farmer who goes through hardships.  (Go to 'Shannon come home' page)


Jill & Carol are also very passionate about their Production  ‘The Folk Singer & the Poette’

which honours the legends and spirit of the outback, in poetry and song. (Go to 'The folksinger & the poette' page)